Online Trans Dating For Singles in Wilmington, Delaware

The refreshing city present at the confluence of the Christina River and Brandywine Creek is the most populous metropolis in all of Delaware. A city marked by two contrasts, Wilmington tells riveting tales of two cultures, past and present, beauty and brains and historic and hip. Perhaps it’s this peculiarity of the region that helps the LGBTQ+ community flourish in the city.

With a loud and proud LGBTQ+ participation, Wilmington is as authentic as it can get. The dating scene for trans folks in the city is also quite colorful. If you’re a trans person residing in the city, you can meet many interesting people to date. However, we have to admit that the channels for online dating weren’t as refined before TranGend entered the scene. Our exclusive dating site for trans folks offers a one-of-a-kind experience for people looking for something serious or casual. We go to great lengths to ensure a safe and private space for you on our platform.

Chat with people you find interesting without fearing negative remarks, judgments and bullying. If you ever happen to come across abusers, bullies or trolls, connect with us immediately. We’ll block the perpetrators from our website and bar them from further engagement. And if you’re looking for some useful dating advice, our experts are here to help you out. Let’s start with some date ideas in the beautiful city of Wilmington, Delaware.

Step into royalty in Winterthur

With the latest season of The Crown in town, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t hooked to the show. Lucky for you the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington hosts a vast array of costumes worn by the on-screen Kings and Queens of the Netflix show. After binge-watching the series with your partner, take them to the museum to take in the royalty. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the exhibit will make your list of unforgettable date nights.

Indulge in classic, quality entertainment at the Candlelight Theater

Wilmington’s best-kept secret for a night of remarkable entertainment is the dazzling theater situated on Millers Road. You can enjoy an evening of all-inclusive dinner and performing arts in an intimate setting for a meager price. Check their schedule to catch a comedy night or a musical to your and your date’s liking and get ready for a movie-like date night.

Stroll around the Longwood Gardens

You can reconnect with nature and forge a fresh connection with your date in the stunning Wilmington skyline backdrop of Longwood Gardens. Watch majestic fountains spring to life and take in the dazzling displays of horticulture art with your date. This one’s going to a remarkable day date for all you nature lovers out there.

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