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Unconventional Date Ideas for Your Next Night Out

1 year ago

Looking for fun date ideas but can’t find anything fun to do beyond a movie and a dinner? If you’re having trouble coming up with something new and fun to do, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips from one of the most popular dating sites on fun and creative date ideas for your next night out.

Join a Scavenger Hunt

Let’s start with a properly unconventional idea. Plan a scavenger hunt with your partner. It’ll probably be an activity neither one of you has taken part in since high school, and it’ll be a fun reason to move around a bit. It’s easy to do, fun to play along with, and there are few dull moments.

If you have the time to plan an outing and properly put together a scavenger hunt list, you can add personalized items to the list. These items or tasks can be inside jokes with your partner or have sentimental memories associated with them. If you don’t have the time to make one yourself, you can easily get an around-town scavenger hunt list online.

Art Classes and Galleries

If you and your partner enjoy different forms of art, why not go to a gallery with a live show of some sort. Many art galleries will host performance art shows which can be a more interactive way to engage with art for people who aren’t fans of looking at paintings.

On the other hand, if you’d like to be more involved in the art-making process, you and your partner can signup for a few art classes. Or if you’d rather stay indoors, you can get some art supplies and a few canvases and start painting at home!

Grocery Store

Grocery Store Date For a Night In

There’s something fun about being in a large or fancy grocery store. If you aren’t sure if you’d rather watch a movie or go out for a bit, consider heading to an international or upscale grocery store and buy some snacks or drinks that you normally wouldn’t spend on. Once you’ve got everything, head back home to watch a movie with all the things you bought.

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