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Online Dating: 4 Red Flags to Look Out For

1 year ago

Online dating can be a great way to meet new people, but it can also be a minefield.

When you're looking for love online, it's easy to get swept up in the excitement of meeting someone new and ignore red flags that may not have been so obvious when you were just chatting with them online.

However, your safety must be a top priority, and you must ensure you're not catching feelings for the wrong person.

If you've recently met somebody via an online dating site for singles like TranGend, here are 3 Things to Ask in the First Month of Dating Somebody.

Always keep an eye for these red flags:


#1 - An Incomplete Profile

How a person chooses to represent themselves on a dating app speaks volumes about them.

While scrolling through popular online dating sites such as TranGend to find your perfect match, bear in mind that the person's profile is the first thing you need to scrutinize.

Never go for profiles with missing pictures and missing bios. If the person says they're unsure what to write in the bio or want you to hit them up to know more, chances are they aren't looking for something serious and hold a high opinion of themselves.

A link to a social media profile such as Instagram or Snapchat is yet another way to gauge that they're probably just looking for more followers and attention rather than a relationship.

#2 - Unnecessary Questions

A person you met a week ago doesn't need to know how much you earn!

Stay aware of the questions they ask you in the very beginning; it tells you what matters most to them.

If your match asks questions relating to your height, weight, income, exes, body count, address, recognize it as a red flag. The first week of getting to know someone is really about matching ideologies and interests to gauge compatibility, not assess insignificant details.

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#3 - The Exes Talk

If a person spends hours talking about their ex, they probably haven't moved on yet.

Some people also tend to complain incessantly about their exes and how they were 'wronged'. This is a huge red flag that indicates the need for sympathy.

It's worth considering how all the exes were bad and tells a lot about the respect they give to their partners.

#4 - Not Sharing Pictures

Not having pictures to share makes one question the identity of the other person.

If your match says, they recently moved to the city or have no pictures to show with family and friends, consider it a red flag. Chances are, they're probably misleading you with their personal information, and the relationship will lead to nowhere.

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