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How to Tell If a Relationship will Last in the Long-Term

2 years ago

It can be difficult to know if a relationship you're in or are trying to build will last over the long term. If you're trying to find your perfect match, we suggest taking a look for some of the following signs: 

Your Goals Align

Aligning your goals with your partner is an important part of being in a relationship. This applies primarily to larger decisions for you as a couple; whether you want to get married, whether you want to have children, whether you'd like to move to a different country. However, it's also important to remember that you should be aligned on smaller goals in your lives.

Other smaller important discussions you should frequently have include where you want to be in your careers, decisions you want to make regarding lifestyle, and what personal goals you have in life that you want to achieve.

You Are Romantically & Physically Compatible

Most people have a pretty immature idea of what constitutes compatibility. The general assumption many people, especially young people, have is that feelings of love are enough to overcome most issues in a relationship. This isn't the best way to look at relationships, though.

In a long-term relationship, consider your love languages, and the physical compatibility both of you have with each other. Do you both communicate and show love in ways that complement each other? Are both of you physically intimate in similar ways? To some people, these things may seem like petty reasons to not continue a relationship, but compatibility is quite important in the long term.

couple embracing each other

You Communicate Well

Communication is key in any relationship. Being able to express how you feel and having your partner understand you is a recipe for a successful partnership. If both you and your partner find that you can communicate easily, you might be in a relationship worth holding on to.

Think about how you communicate with your partner. Are you both considerate of the other's communicative needs? Is having clear and open communication a priority for both of you? Can you trust each other on your words?

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