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Conflict Resolution for Trans Couples

1 year ago

A relationship isn’t all about butterflies and rainbows. If your journey with your partner has become a little rocky, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

The best conflict resolution method is to determine the issues and talk about them. Keeping the issues bottled in can lead to an explosion of emotions and consequently, a breakup.

Here’s a three-step guide to conflict resolution that trans couples can follow to ensure the strength and longevity of their relationship.

Proper Communication

Communication is key to any relationship, be it friendship, a romantic relationship, or marriage. If you’re openly communicating with your partner about your feelings and issues, there won’t be any room for your partner to interpret or misread the situation, and insecurity will be kept at bay. Jealousy will also not interfere in the relationship because your partner will know how much you love and care for them.

Therefore, if there’s ever a conflict in your relationship, make sure that you talk about it to clear the air.

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Two trans women


You can’t deny the power of compromise in a relationship. However, if just one person in the relationship is compromising, it will inevitably fail. Soulmates do exist, but it requires hard work, perseverance, and sometimes, sacrifice, to keep a relationship going strong.

The biggest reason why relationships stand through time is compromise on both ends, but it isn’t a one-way road. It’ll only prosper if both the partners are happy.


The last step and perhaps the most important step in creating a strong relationship is honesty. A relationship can be fruitful if both partners fulfill their promises. If not, the relationship is on its way to an inevitable end.

Broken promises are similar to incurable diseases. They break your partner’s trust in you and it’s almost impossible for a person to rebuild their trust.

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