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A Guide to Gender Affirmation Surgery

1 year ago

Gender affirmation surgery entails a vast trove of information. Therefore, we’ve prepared a short guide that touches upon the important details. If you’re in the process of transitioning or planning to do it soon, this post is for you.

What Do People Get Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Trans people experience different levels of gender dysphoria. Undergoing gender affirmation surgery can help them feel comfortable with their body and genitals. It’s after this surgery that most trans people can enjoy gender validity and sex.

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A trans person happy after gender affirmation surgery

What You Need to Know about Gender Affirmation Surgery – Male to Female

There are two types of gender affirmation surgeries that trans women can undergo. The first one is the MTF top surgery and the second one is the MTF bottom surgery.

MTF Top Surgery

Along with facial feminization surgery, MTF top surgery is the most important surgery that a trans woman will ever undergo. Also known as breast augmentation surgery, an MTF top surgery can give you bigger breasts.

As a trans woman, bigger breasts are often a source of validation and gratification. There’s no amount of estrogen that can help grow breasts as much as an MTF top breast augmentation surgery.

In this procedure, fat from another part of a person’s body is used to enhance the shape and size of the breasts. This surgery can increase the projection and fullness of your breasts and improve the breast’s balance.

MTF Bottom Surgery

Also known as gender reassignment surgery, sex-reassignment surgery, or gender affirmation surgery, MTF bottom surgery transforms male genitals and reconstructs them into female genitals. The procedure is usually performed in one go. While there are different methods of performing this procedure, the most common ones are orchiectomy (getting rid of testosterone and testes) and penile inversion vaginoplasty (turning a penis into a vagina).

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