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3 Conversations to Have With Your Partner When Things Get Serious

1 year ago

According to research, the average couple spends 4.9 years dating before they get married. This figure doesn't even include LGBTQIA+ couples who may not be able to get married due to legal restrictions.

However, once a couple crosses a certain time duration together, you both begin to realize that things are getting serious. And when that happens, you need to address certain topics and have certain 'talks', so that the rest of your journey continues smoothly.

Ensuring you're on the same page can prove crucial in identifying deal-makers and deal-breakers at a relatively early stage.

If you're newly beginning to date and have just found a relationship via an online dating site for singles like TranGend, here are 3 Things to Ask in the First Month of Dating Somebody.

For those who've spent an adequate amount of time and are ready to commit on a more serious level, these tips shall help:

The Marriage Talk

While every couple dates, not every couple gets married.

Many couples meet on popular online dating sites, and with TranGend, more and more transgender couples are finding their perfect matches in a secure space. Meeting online warrants even clearer communication as you may not belong to similar societal strata such as ethnicities, culture, and religion among others.

You and your partner must be on the same page regarding expectations from the relationship. Conversations to have regarding marriage include whether one believes in marriage, an approximate timeline for it, one's expectations of the magnitude of the celebrations and expectations for roles and life after marriage.

You might also want to speak about the next milestone, such as meeting each other's families.

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The Children Talk

Parenthood is not for everyone. It's a choice, not a compulsion, and it never should be.

Take the time to discuss your partner's expectations and your views regarding birthing, adopting, or staying child-free.

The conversation could go both ways; you might find yourself particularly rigid concerning your choices or you may be surprisingly cool with making exceptions. However it goes, keep communication open and honest.

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The Money Talk

With the rise in dual-income couples over the years, money no longer needs to be 'our' money.

Couples may choose to maintain the divide and handle finances separately. Conversations regarding individual contributions and managing bank accounts are crucial to get out of the way when things start to get serious.

One also cannot deny the reality that long-term relationships and marriages also do end. For times like those, be prepared with a clear division of finances.

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