Pale guy seeking

Man (Non-Transgender Man, Cisgender) / Gemini / 55
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About Me

  • Gender Man (Non-Transgender Man, Cisgender)
  • Age 55
  • Seeking a Trans man (Female-to-Male, Transmasculine)
  • Country Unknown
My Habits

  • Smoking Never
  • Drinking Rarely
My Appearance

  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Body type Average
  • Hair color Brown
  • Eye color Blue

I’m a short 5ft 5 guy seeking a FTM for a possible LTR. Average sized body with six point five down there. I love the masculine look. Been with an awesome FTM before but family issues separated us. I like almost any body type. Although someone with a skinny stick figure could be hard for me to get into.

Background & Heritage

Caucasian brought up in farm country in the mid-west.
I'm a non-smoker, but don't mind being with a smoker.

Hobbies & Leisure

I enjoy sports. Not so much participating any more, but have a casual interest in watching a variety occassionally.

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