King in search of a Queen

Trans man (Female-to-Male, Transmasculine) / Cancer / 39
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About Me

  • Gender Trans man (Female-to-Male, Transmasculine)
  • Age 39
  • Seeking a Woman (Non-Transgender Woman, Cisgender)
  • Country Unknown
My Habits

  • Smoking Often
  • Drinking Socially
My Appearance

  • Ethnicity African
  • Body type Average
  • Hair color Brown
  • Eye color Brown

To know me is to love me so come get to know me. I’m looking for loyalty, honesty, and respect. I like for you to say what you mean and mean what you say. No games no bullshit! Let’s be real with each other

Background & Heritage

Im 39 Army veteran from Louisiana living in Texas

Hobbies & Leisure

Weight training, baseball, running, and video games

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