I am. a pretty laid back person and try to always keep it drama free

Man (Non-Transgender Man, Cisgender) / / 43
About Me

  • Gender Man (Non-Transgender Man, Cisgender)
  • Age 43
  • Seeking a Trans woman (Male-to-Female, Transfeminine)
  • Country Unknown
My Habits

  • Smoking Never
  • Drinking Socially
My Appearance

  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Body type Average
  • Hair color Brown
  • Eye color Brown

I am pretty laid back and drama free. I am new to this and just looking the right female trans to spend time with and be happy together. contact me eea208@gmail.com Want to meet the right female trans. I am loyal and pretty quite person. Its all about being happy and just having that partner that gives you joy. I has been over 7 years since I have been in any relationship.
I am the type of person that means what I say and say what I mean. I am honest. to my partner and don’t play any games. I try to treat my partner like royalty and it is important to me for my partner to have many smiles everyday. I have been out of the relationship thing for over 7 years and I need some love and sex. I am game for anything and its important for sex to be important to us both and like I said that I am game for anything so you have all control. to take me anywhere you want in fantasy or the fetish department. You are my master.
I don’t think I am nobody special. I just want to find that special person. I am about 5’11” and I have spells where I will get on the health kick for awhile and there are times where the health kick not so much. When your with someone you love I believe there’s more motivation in your life to be more active.
I was a high purity pipe welder for many years and did a lot of traveling. I was. married. for eleven years and i don’t have any complaints. All the traveling for work is pretty much what ruined my marriage. I haven’t been in a relationship or anything at all. since my marriage. I haven’t even been on a date. So there’s that?
I am looking for someone that knows what they want and I LA little bit wild in my partner. as well as some feisty. But I do want a part that know exactly how to spice things up and be good to me. You will always have my honesty and loyalty Nothing will change that.

Background & Heritage

I was born in Richmond VA . However I was raised in NC. There is nothing really. special to tell. I have been lonely for quite some time now and really It is hard to trust anybody you don't know. I am a pretty quiet. and cautious person and will not speak unless spoken to.
I just like being. with my partner and non chalet.

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