Why Most Online Dating Apps are a Bummer for Non-Binary Folk

There’s no doubting the struggles of the online dating world. You get 250 to 500 words and three selfies to present yourself to people who will take one quick glance at your profile. For non-binary people in particular, dating apps tend to be even more time-consuming and confusing since they’re mainly developed with a gender binary in mind.

Some apps have made changes to their interfaces in recent years to better accommodate the people who don’t conform to the binary. Many apps now provide users with multiple gender options. Unfortunately, this does little to prevent the misgendering and transphobia that non-binary people face on these platforms.

Here are just some of the roadblocks non-binary users face while traversing dating apps:

The Gender Filters are More Than Buggy

Although many dating apps now provide gender and orientation filters, many complain that these aren’t always reliable. Some apps let you select only queer and non-cisgendered people to be shown to you, and others allow you to accurately choose your gender identity.

Despite this, consumers continue to see plenty of straight women and men pop up as potential matches. Even if you have a few different options, you still have to specify whether you’re interested in men or women. Which ultimately defeats the purpose of having options in the first place.

A closeup of a person browsing through their phone.

Lack of Protection and Safety

Many people who identify as non-binary on dating apps have experienced horrific harassment from other users. Many people don’t feel safe declaring their gender identity on online dating sites due to the widespread transphobia that exists on these forums.

These sorts of exchanges are unfortunately commonplace in the world of online dating, and enby people have grown used to them. Many dating apps also lack reliable protective measures and steps to ensure user safety. For many non-binary users, the ability to control who can see them is more than just a perk — it’s a necessity.

Safe Dating Sites are a Rare Find

For enby individuals, the opportunity to date and develop bonds online is vital, especially if they don’t get many chances to interact in LGBTQ-friendly spaces. Getting to learn more about your date before meeting them in person is safer and more reassuring.

While non-binary persons still face significant challenges in the online dating world, there are some amazing dating sites out there. There are several dating apps that work to make their environments welcoming and safe for all users, even if they are difficult to come by.

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