Top Tips for Sexting on Transgender Dating Sites

Sexting is an exciting sexual activity since it allows us to have sexual pleasure regardless of our geographic location. The intimate nature of sexting makes it a natural place to discuss sexuality and other sensual topics with a special someone.

Although there is no hard and fast rulebook for sexting, there are several fundamentals that should be kept in mind to keep everyone safe and to avoid unwanted sexual advances. Keep these sexting tips in mind the next time you find yourself in a hot and sweaty situation on a trans dating site.

Consent is imperative

Consent, as you’ve no doubt heard a billion times, is the cornerstone of every strong, secure, and fulfilling relationship. Not only is it basic decency, but it’s also a sign of respect for the other person’s boundaries. It’s good to check that your partner is cool with getting sexts before initiating anything.

Moreover, consent isn’t an all-time pass. You have to ask for it every time you want to send something sexually explicit (unless you two have established that sending such texts is okay). If the other person is not in the mood to sext, they have the liberty to decline. And as with any sexual interaction, consent can be revoked at any point in time.

Set some boundaries and talk about them in detail

Sexting is a very intimate activity, and with it comes a great deal of responsibility. Regardless of how common sexting may be, you should still have clear guidelines for what is and is not allowed. This covers the topics you’re comfortable discussing through text, the types of media you’re prepared to exchange, and the fate of your sexts once they’re sent.

In fact, this is an essential safety measure for people who are still hiding their sexual orientation or gender identity or who prefer to keep their sexual activities private. Pushing someone beyond their limits will only bring them despair and sadness.


A person using their phone in bed

Make your expectations clear

Don’t go into sexting without setting clear expectations about your intentions. Are you just in it   pastime or do you want a more serious, intimate relationship? Sexting, like sex, is an extremely personal act, so make sure you have your partner’s confidence before indulging in it. Being out front about what you want helps keep sexting a positive, enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Settle on a sexting platform

Having a conversation about sexting permission also lets you settle on a reliable and appropriate medium for exchanging sexually suggestive messages. There is no shortage of trans free dating service sites, but you should only use one that you trust, like TranGend. We don’t save your photos and videos online , and we have a strict policy against sharing our users’ personal information. Your safety and security are an important part of your user experience, and we take that very seriously here.

If you’re ready to find your perfect trans match online, sign up for our LGBT dating site today. Find attractive and like-minded singles with whom you’ll feel safe and comfortable, whether you’re sexting or simply setting up a coffee date. Check out our blog for more dating advice, relationship guidelines, and more.