Tips on Acing that First Dinner Date

Okay, so you’re ready to go on your first date — congratulations! Now you just need to go on the actual date and make sure it goes smoothly, and your date is smitten by your charm. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

First dates can be stressful, and keeping a clear head isn’t always easy. Luckily, these tips tell you exactly how to make sure your first date is a success:

Where to Go

Location is important since the venue and the vibe can affect how comfortable or anxious your date feels. It’s wise not to go all out with expensive restaurants or swanky hotels. You don’t want to pressure your date into a relationship when it’s only the first date!

A café or local bar is a better place to enjoy extended, undisturbed conversations. This way, you can leave when your meal or drink is over or order more if you’re starting to click.

What to Wear

When going on your first date, you want to look your best. If you’re going to a neighborhood tavern or pub, don’t wear something too snazzy or showy. Make sure your clothes are clean, in sparkling condition, flattering, and comfortable. If there’s an outfit you feel exceptionally attractive in, now’s the time to pull it out.


A couple dressed for a date

Be a Good Listener

If you think your date finds you as fascinating as you find yourself, think again. We all want to talk about ourselves but being an attentive listener is what makes the other person feel special. In fact, dominating the conversation and making it all about you can be off-putting.

However, you shouldn’t just stay quiet and let your date do all the talking, either. So how do you maintain the right balance? It’s simple: ask follow-up questions. Ask questions that take the conversation further, like “You work with animals? How’s that like?”.

Body Language

Our body language is how we convey our emotions. It is one of the most important details people read into and analyze on a first date to gain a sense of someone’s personality. A good first date body language advice is to sit up straight, avoid slouching or crossing your arms, and avoid gazing around the room.

We also recommend sitting next to (at a right-angle) your date instead of across, so you can avoid the uncomfortable eye contact that comes with awkward pauses in conversation.

Stay True to Who You Are

Modern-day dating might feel like a competitive sport at times. It’s important to remember that dating isn’t a game. It’s about finding mutual happiness with a person. Even if you’re not looking for something long-term, at the core it’s all about wanting a strong and secure relationship.

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