The Importance of Practicing Self-Love Before You Enter a Relationship

While dating is hard enough for cisgender folks, it’s twice (or perhaps thrice) as challenging for trans folks. Trans men and women have to overcome years of feeling trapped in a body that isn’t theirs.

Following gender-affirming surgery, they still struggle to undo the ties of body dysmorphia. This plays a big role in their self-esteem. As they struggle with their self-worth, their relationship may suffer.

Before you enter a relationship, we strongly recommend practicing self-love and understanding your worth. As you recognize your strength, beauty, and value, you’ll enter a relationship with a healthy and happy mindset.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the importance of falling in love with yourself before you extend that love to a romantic partner. Continue reading.

1. Receive the Love You Deserve

By practicing self-love prior to entering a relationship, you’ll be open to receiving the love you deserve. Here’s what we mean by this. People who have a low sense of self-worth often enter one-sided relationships, and fail to leave when they should.

They don’t value themselves. As a result, they don’t care too much if their partner doesn’t value them either. If you enter a relationship without developing a strong sense of self-worth, you may put up with more than you should.

As you practice self-love, you’ll know exactly what you deserve, and won’t settle for less.

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2. Depend on Yourself, Not Your Partnera woman writing down positive affirmations to strengthen her relationship with herself

A crippling sense of self-worth can trigger major fluctuations in your life. If you potentially catch your partner cheating, your life may turn upside down.

In other words, you’ll allow yourself to crumble because you never had a strong relationship with yourself to begin with. The fear of being betrayed and left alone will cause massive cracks in your life.

Instead, practicing self-love helps you connect with yourself instead of solely connecting with your partner. You won’t fear solitude. If your partner potentially lets you down, you’ll feel hurt, pack up the bags, and ultimately move on without letting the situation get to you. In essence, you’ll become more resilient.

3. Have a Healthier Relationship

Self-love goes a long way in strengthening a romantic relationship. Two partners who value themselves are able to value each other even better. There’s a strong sense of mutual trust, faithfulness, openness, honesty, vulnerability, and respect.

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