The Challenges Still Involved in Queer Dating

Is online dating the way to go for queer dating? Read about some of the common problems that still exist with using dating apps.

Popular dating apps and platforms have propelled queer dating, giving it a whole new outlook. However, there are still significant challenges involved when it comes to LGBTQ folks using these platforms that diminish the overall experience.

Here are some of the issues queer folks face when dating online.

Limited Choices

If you’re a straight person living in one of the most populated cities in the country, you’ll have no end to the suitor options available on a dating platform.  For a queer person living in the same city, the chances of meeting another queer person on a dating app are much less. In less packed cities and towns, the numbers are even less which makes it even more difficult for LGBTQ individuals to meet a potential partner online

Although queer folks turn to dating platforms quite frequently, they’re often unsuccessful in finding suitable matches. This may be because of the safety and privacy concerns LGBTQ individuals experience on a daily basis that make them hesitant to sign up. There are also fewer apps that actually cater to the LGBTQ population specifically and allow them to be their true selves.


Trans people often have it even worse than fellow queers when it comes to finding a suitable match via a dating platform. This is because unfortunately, transphobia is still prevalent in our society, even within the LGBTQ community. It manifests in both obvious and subtle ways, making online dating a difficult and painful process for them.

Many trans people often find themselves being fetishized by the people they meet. Others face straight up discrimination from the other end when a cisgendered individual refuses to date them because of their identity. There’s also the struggle of establishing boundaries that continue to be violated more often than not in a cis-trans relationship. This can lead to increased feelings of shame and insecurity among trans individuals and significantly dampen their dating experiences.

Trans woman using a dating app

Privacy Concerns

Even though online dating apps are used widely by the LGBTQ community, privacy remains to be a pressing issue. Privacy is imperative for app users to protect their dignity and autonomy. It’s what allows them to be honest and upfront with the people they interact with online, and maintain social relationships.

For queer folks, privacy is even more crucial. With the extent of discrimination and hate crimes queer folks already face, privacy is what enables them “come out” at their own pace and out of their freewill. However, dating platforms don’t always offer complete privacy. One report found that 14.5% of gay and bisexual men who used dating apps have had their intimate images leaked or shared without consent.

LGBTQ dating app users are also often victims of extortion, catfishing, revenge porn, stalking, and other forms of harassment that’s based on the disclosure of their gender or sexual identities. In contrast, straight people rarely receive threats of having their sexual orientation or gender identity “revealed”.

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