The 3 Ideas for the Worst First Date

The emotions you feel on a first date are bound to run wild, from nervousness to thrill to curiosity to perhaps a touch of dread. There’s already a lot to worry about when setting up that first meeting — it’s no wonder that most people go for something as low-key as a dinner or movie. But do those methods actually help you learn about someone?

You want to pick an activity that encourages discussion, teamwork, and the exploration of common and divergent interests. On the other hand, certain scenarios can prompt a less in-depth conversation, making it difficult to gauge compatibility or identify any major red flags.

Read on to learn the ideas that will not earn you a second date:

Dinner Dates

A date at a nice restaurant is a great way to impress your date, but it’s also a significant time commitment. Even if you decide that you don’t want to continue within the first few minutes, you’ll have spent the better part of an hour with this person. Restaurants are noisy and crowded, making it difficult to have meaningful conversations and learn more about each other.

You’re also forced to interact even if you don’t have anything to say. Rather than a date, it feels more like an interview for a job. If you find yourself at a loss for words, all you can do is stare at your food and hope the silence breaks.

A couple looking at a painting of a horse.

Visiting a Museum

Going to a museum on a first date with someone who understands nothing about art, history, or culture is a recipe for disaster. This sounds like a fantastic concept, in theory. You might think there’s no greater icebreaker than discussing shared cultural interests, but what if your date is (gasp) uncultured?

Jokes aside, it is a huge risk. This form of cultural engagement could be enjoyable if both participants are curious about the world around them, but it can be incredibly boring if one of them isn’t. You could either bond for hours over art and history or try to fight off waves of drowsiness ten minutes in.

Going to the Movies

Going to the movies is a classic date idea, but it may not be the best choice if you’re in the introductory phase, i.e., the first date. It’s best to avoid situations where you won’t be able to ask questions or otherwise participate. Sitting in silence in a dark theater isn’t as fun as it sounds when you’re with someone you don’t know well enough.

Besides, neither of you will likely walk away from the date with any valuable insights into the other person. The movies can be a pit stop during a day of fun activities, but as a stand-alone event, it’s a bummer.

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