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Hey Girl, Are You Ready to Meet Some Handsome, Smart and Honest Trans Men?

You know it’s true when we tell you that dating for a trans woman is hard. Once in a seemingly thousand years do we get lucky and find a slightly honest man to share some memorable experiences with. If you keep bumping into the wrong man, ask yourself what you’re doing wrong. We think it’s the phony dating app you use to meet trans men in your area.

What background checks do they make before allowing everyone to set up camp on their platform? The traffic created by insincere people on these apps makes it hard for you to find the needle in a haystack; the one person who’d fulfil your desires and love you like there’s no tomorrow.

Have you ever considered strolling in the more exclusive area of the online dating world for trans women? TranGend was created to help you find the love of your life. It was created for trans women like yourself who’ve struggled with finding genuine and honest trans men. Our one-of-a-kind platform ensures the safety and security of every member.

Our safety protocol includes a zero-tolerance policy toward trolls, harassers and bullies. This means that if you experience hate speech, harassment or bullying of any sort on this platform, we’ll make sure that the perpetrator is banned immediately. For us, nothing matters more than your respect, safety and mental peace. And we’d go to great measures to ensure that.

We also understand that love is complicated and things can get very messy very quickly in romantic relationships. This is why, we use our experience and expertise to give dating advice to trans women in need. If you ever find yourself struggling with emotions or tricky situations, feel free to reach out to us. We love listening to our members and even provide a shoulder to cry on when needed.

So, if you think you’re ready to meet some smart, talented, honest and sincere trans men, sign up on our platform today. You wouldn’t find a more desirable bunch anywhere else! Our platform is buzzing with single trans men waiting to get to know you.

Never stop believing in love and begin your search for the one today!

Note: We request all members to educate themselves on our code of conduct. Make sure you don’t ask uncomfortable questions and address others like they please. Let’s play our part in making the world kinder and more accepting.

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