Making Friends

Let Us Help You Forge Lasting Trans Friendships

Without good friends, life can get very lonely. When you have special people to share the ups and lows of life with, things can become surprisingly easy. You can let your heart out with your trustworthy companions without fearing judgments. Real friends will never leave your side when you need them, and this is the beauty of surrounding yourself with honest and sincere people.

However, things aren’t as straightforward for the LGBTQ+ community. Finding people who respect your boundaries and identity can get challenging. Most times, others may struggle to understand your needs. But someone who shares your experiences has the potential to make a great companion! People who understand your struggle and need for individuality can provide the comfort of a sincere relationship.

At TranGend, we understand the importance of a reliable friend in life. This is why we offer our premium services to help you find honest and trustworthy trans male and female friends online. Whether you want someone to watch soccer with, have drinks every Friday night or share an apartment, we’ll help you find the perfect match.

Our one-of-a-kind platform is a safe and inclusive space for trans men and women looking for companions, sexual partners, roommates or significant others. We ensure that everyone who joins our space feels welcome, safe, and secure. This is why we keep a strict lookout for bullies, harassers, and trolls.

Anyone who crosses the respectful boundaries of other members is instantly blocked from the website and barred from further engagement. We pride ourselves on ensuring acceptance on our platform. Our members are requested to educate themselves on our community standards before signing up to ensure a positive experience for all.

We also offer dating services for tans men and women looking for potential partners. Trans folks from all over the country can sign up to find the wonderful person of their dreams. We’ve successfully matched hundreds of trans men and women based on their personality traits, interests, values, and preferences.

We make sure that every experience is unique and memorable. Therefore, we allow you to chat with people of interest to find a suitable match according to your needs. When you sign up with us, you can expect to meet some fantastic people who share your vision and outlook on life. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people forge lifelong friendships on our platform. That’s what keeps us going!

Note: If you face harassment, bullying or hate speech of any sort, report immediately. We’ll make sure the violator is held accountable.

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