Real Talk: Dating Safety Tips for Trans Women

Safety in relationships is a topic that is discussed often, as it should be! However, for trans women, dating safety is a little different. Meeting new people can be scary, especially if you recently started your transition.

Here are some safe dating tips for trans women who are looking for their perfect match:

Establish and Enforce Your Boundaries and Comfort Zones

Another useful trans relationship advice is to set healthy boundaries and be clear about what you’re looking for. You get to tell your partner what you like or dislike, what habits you can’t stand, and other deal-breakers or essentials.

Some trans women prefer to focus forward rather than backward in their discussions of the subject, while others are open about their background and journey. Ultimately, this is your call to make. The early you do it, the better, though. Define and maintain personal boundaries early on in a relationship so that you are not manipulated or mistreated later on.

Decide When and How to Have “The Talk”

When you meet someone and begin a relationship with them, you have to consider how you will approach the subject of who you are. In other words, you need to have “The Talk” in which you disclose intimate details about your physical attributes.

Remember: You control when, what, and how much you share about yourself with your partner. This is not something you owe other people as a trans woman; you can do it at any stage of the relationship you think is the right time. You can choose to be upfront and honest about your situation at the very beginning of the relationship. Some trans people wait until the relationship has gotten more serious before discussing their bodies.

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Designate a Friend to be Your Safe Call

If you’re about to meet someone for the first time, make sure you have a safe call ready whenever you need it. Safe calls are made by a trusted friend or family member at predetermined times to ensure you’re okay.

A safe call typically involves deciding on a safe word that indicates that there’s nothing to worry about. Make sure you make a phone call instead of sending a text message. The tone of your voice can be an important indicator at times when using words might compromise your safety.

Look into Trans Dating Websites

Finding a date can be particularly difficult for trans women for many reasons. Not coming to terms with their gender identity and struggling to find someone who is openly accepting of their transition are just some of them. This is why free trans dating sites are the best place to meet trans online since they allow you to quickly find a date.

Plus, online dating is much safer than meeting people in person, leading to awkward encounters and even more dangerous scenarios. At TranGend, we prioritize your privacy and safety while you look for the perfect partner. You can feel safe knowing the community you’re exploring is full of people who value respect and consent.

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