Privacy Policy

TranGend is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its users. Our users’ discretion of confidential and personal information is appreciated, and kept completely safe with us. Rest assured that we:

Do not compromise the privacy of our users:; everything on the site is designed with the user in mind. Experts from a number of fields are involved and everything from the legal to the technical is ensured before the site goes live so that there is no space for error, especially in terms of the privacy of the users. Are completely transparent with the data that you share with us: Your information and data is not shared with third parties. Strive to secure your information: Our teams of technical experts work round the clock to ensure that your privacy isn’t being breached. To find out more about how we protect your privacy online go through the information provided below:

Cookies Our website uses cookies. This we do in order to be able to recognize and understand you so that the content that we filter is more relevant to your preferences. Cookies help us to authenticate you and analyze the site traffic, follow trends, and generate better ads in line with your predilections. The cookies feature is actually beneficial for you since it allows you to use your browser in a more streamlined, personalized manner.

How We Use Information Your information and its usage are in accordance with our bid to improve our site performance and overall services delivery at par with the expectations of our clients. We might also facilitate advertising that is directly relevant or useful to you. The various reasons for which and how we use your information can be categorized as:

Account Creation and Management: We use the information you submit to create your account, help you through customer support, correspond to your transactions, and keep you informed about our services etc.

User Connection: We use your information to better understand your personality in order to pair you against potential candidates. We also display some part of the information on your profile to other users.

Device Linkage: We create connections and links between devices so that we can better identify you and your preferences through your browser data.

For Ads: Learning more about you enables us to generate better ads for you.

To Fight Fraud: We require authentic information so as to ensure that users of the site are safe from fraudsters and miscreants.

For Legal Purposes: Your information helps us ground ourselves better in a legal fashion and can, in the worst cases, come in handy where law enforcement has to be involved.

How We Protect Your Information Your information is used to safeguard you against infamy, disclosure, or alteration. We take all technical steps possible to secure your online presence and persona. Our systems are monitored on a regular basis and we take our information collection system very keenly, undertaking all possible physical, organizational, and technical steps to ensure that our users are protected at all costs.

Your Rights
As a user of TranGend, you too reserve some rights, which are:

The right to update information: you can update, delete, or alter the information that you have submitted with us at any time
The right to access our services: you can access all the services we’re offering.
The right to grant us permission: we do ask for your permission before trying to access certain information, such as your phone book, which you can opt out of if you like. Allowing only ensures that your experience is beyond satisfactory.
The right to terminate relations with us: you reserve the right to delete your account at any time that you are associated with us.