How to Support Your Transitioning Partner

If your partner has just revealed their trans identity to you, there’s a chance you’re going through a whirlwind of emotions. Among the many things on your mind, you’re probably mainly concerned with how you can be there for your significant other.

Today, we’re sharing some tips for helping you both navigate this process in a healthy way:

Be a good listener

Sometimes people have a hard time accepting themselves because they’re afraid of being judged. Your partner does not have to be an expert on everything there is to know about the LGBTQ+ community, but they should feel comfortable opening up to you about their own experiences.

In fact, a person’s gender identity is just one of the many topics that should be discussed openly in a healthy relationship.

Learn more about the transgender community

Trans people’s identities can be nuanced and complex, changing with their emotional experience, the terms they use, and how they choose to express themselves. If you really want to show your partner how much you care, read up on anything from the latest LGBTQ+ jargon to advice on how to be a good ally in the face of harassment and healthcare access issues the transgender population faces.

Your significant other will value the time and effort you’ve put into acquiring this knowledge on your own.

A person with their trans partner.

Pay attention to pronouns

When you ask your partner about their pronouns, you show them you care about them and want to be supportive of their identity and their choices. Some people choose to use they/them or less common gender-neutral pronouns like Ze or Zir.

It is crucial to use the appropriate pronouns when addressing people, as this can greatly affect their body image issues. Help your partner feel supported and understood by letting them transition at their own pace and in whatever way they feel most at ease.

Let them know you’re here for them

Your partner’s transition could be met with harassment and discrimination at work. Your partner’s emotional health might also suffer from the relentless pressure to fit into conventional gender standards and debate their gender with friends and family.

Becoming their number one cheerleader will help them deal with all the stress that comes with making such a major life decision. Help them with things like legal name changes, shopping for gender-appropriate clothing, and attending medical treatments (such as hormone replacement therapy).

Give yourself space to adjust

You may experience some emotions as you close the relationship you once knew for a new one with your trans partner, and this is completely normal. Just remember that you and your spouse are going through a process, and that things will improve in time. Always keep the lines of communication open and be sure to share your thoughts and concerns with your partner regularly.

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