How to Strengthen Communication with Your Partner

There are several factors that determine how healthy, secure, and strong a relationship is. Among these, communication stands out. No matter how deeply you love and care for your partner, a lack of communication will cause cracks in your relationship.

Over time, you may resent them for failing to pick up on things that upset you. Similarly, they may misconstrue something you said or a way you acted because of lack of clear communication.

If both partners are prone to shrouding their thoughts, ensuring strong communication may become a challenge. Before it causes roadblocks in your relationship, make sure you address the communication gaps. Use this guide to get started.

1. Practice “Opening Up” for 30–40 Minutes Each Day

Opening up doesn’t come easy to most people. If you’ve been hurt in the past, you may struggle to let your guard down and be vulnerable. And that’s completely okay. However, it can take a toll on your relationship in the long run.

Undo the damage by taking baby steps. We recommend practicing “opening up” for 30–40 minutes each day. Encourage your partner to communicate their feelings, and do the same. Be honest and open. As long as both partner are willing to give this a fair shot, it’ll help further the relationship.

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2.Work on Your Inner Battlesa man reflecting at home

In many cases, communication becomes an issue because one or both partners are struggling with an internal battle. Or perhaps several.

If you have certain insecurities because of a past relationship, you may struggle to communicate your true feelings to your partner. If something’s bothering you, you may brush it off and pretend nothing happened. Perhaps you’re fearful that opening up will result in a big fight that causes them to leave. Or maybe you think it’s not worth it because they will fail to see eye to eye with you.

Put your assumptions aside, and let it all out on the table. The more you introspect, the better you’ll be able to identify these tendencies. As a result, you can work on them and ensure a healthier line of communication with your partner. Encourage them to do the same, especially if you sense a hesitation to open up on their part.

3.Be Empathetic and Patient

Communication can get weary at times. As you try to hash something out by communicating your feelings on the matter, you may struggle to reach common ground.


Instead of solely focusing on your feelings, take your partner’s feelings into account as well. Put yourself in their shoes for a while. This will help you see where they’re coming from, and have a healthier conversation.


However, make sure your partner is doing the same. This is a two-way street; if they’re not meeting you halfway, there’s a clear imbalance in the relationship. As long as both partners are equally committed to strengthening communication, the outcome will be fruitful.

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If you recently got out of a toxic relationship, take your time to heal. Once you’re ready, get back in the dating game!

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