How to Navigate Bisexuality If You’ve Only Been in Gay Relationships

Do you feel awkward in straight spaces? Not sure how to initiate a conversation with a girl since you’ve only ever dated guys? Maybe you’re just scared of the other person’s reaction when you tell them you’re bi.

No matter what your fears are about different gender relationships, the following tips will help you feel more at ease while you navigate this new realm of sexuality:

Be Open and Honest with Your Date/Partner

Since dating across gender lines isn’t something most people talk openly about, it might be tough to know what to do when you’re starting out. The first date might be off-putting, so be prepared for that. Being open and honest with your date might help the awkwardness between you and your date.

Your date might also have some preconceived notions and expectations about you based on how you dress and present. If they’re assuming you to be a shy and quiet person just because you have a more feminine style, but that’s not who you are – tell them!

Remember the Bisexuality Spectrum

There’s no hidden “bisexuality test” that verifies your bisexuality. The bisexual identity spectrum includes a wide range of identities. It’s a common misconception that being bisexual means being equally attracted to men and women. But this isn’t the case for everyone.

A person looking at their date.

Maybe you have a romantic interest in one gender but has a sexual inclination toward the other. Perhaps you are attracted to more than one gender, but only on occasion. Everyone experiences it differently, and that’s the beauty of sexuality! Just because your bisexuality doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Don’t Take People’s Opinions to Heart

Some people are afraid to date bisexuals because they believe bisexuality is merely a phase or an experiment. This can be very hurtful to hear, even if you start getting desensitized to it. Feeling anxious, insecure, and afraid of getting hurt is true for any relationship. Not all bisexuals live up to the stereotype of being sexually active and unable to make up their minds, which doesn’t invalidate their identity.

Try Dating Other Bi People

If you’ve faced biphobia in the dating world, dating other bi people might be a huge relief. Mentioning that you’re bi on your dating profile is a great way to meet other like-minded individuals in the dating scene. You might find that you have a lot fewer matches overall, but you’ll find that you match with a lot more other bi people. Or you’ll get a lot of potential dates among the men, women, and non-binary people who are attracted to bi folks.

Get on LGBT Dating Sites

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