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TranGend is a cutting-edge dating website and app that can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

TranGend is an inclusive and multifaceted dating website for all genders and peoples. We entertain trans women and men, non binary and cisgender individuals, transversal and transsexual individuals, people from the LGBT and GLBT communities et al.

No, although TranGend is largely consisted of trans members, the forum is open for all, even for heterosexuals.

You must be between 18 to 65 years of age to join the community.

TranGend is like any other social media platform, only it is targeted towards finding potential partners. Members begin by making a profile. We suggest adding authentic and interesting information about yourself.

We are very particular about the safety regulations at TranGend and regularly scrutinize members and their behaviors.

You can meet and greet new people, make friends, create short term or long term contacts, browse profiles, send or receive messages, and lots more.

TranGend is a one-of-its-kind all-inclusive dating website and app that breaks the stereotypes set by conventional dating apps. We believe that love knows no boundaries—of gender or otherwise.

TranGend works on the basis of a complex and sophisticated algorithm that uses people’s preferences, personalities, and character traits to match and pair them against the best possible partners.

You don’t necessarily have to “hook up” with other members on TranGend. You can find friends, companions, sexual partners, roommates, and even your significant others on the platform.

We take strict action against issues and incidents of bullying, ridicule, harassment, trolling etc. Members partaking in such outlandish behavior face immediate bans and long term repercussions.

We only expect that you bring something valuable to the community by being friendly, accepting, and welcoming. We expect you to know basic human decency and to engage with other members on the best of terms, making them feel like they belong. At the very least, we expect that our members educate themselves on gender issues and communities before taking steps to make contact with them while in a prejudiced state of mind.

There’s much more to be done here than merely getting matched against potential partners. Members can read exciting blogs, latest news reports, interesting articles, and more.

TranGend is a customer friendly community and entertains all sorts of curious questions and queries. Members can drop us an email at

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