How to Strengthen Communication with Your Partner

There are several factors that determine how healthy, secure, and strong a relationship is. Among these, communication stands out. No matter how deeply you love and care for your partner, a lack of communication will cause cracks in your relationship.

The Importance of Practicing Self-Love Before You Enter a Relationship

While dating is hard enough for cisgender folks, it’s twice (or perhaps thrice) as challenging for trans folks. Trans men and women have to overcome years of feeling trapped in a body that isn’t theirs.

3 Ways To Lead A Happier And Healthier Dating Life

The pursuit of love can be a tiring one. After all, finding ‘the one’ you want to spend the rest of your life with is not an easy task. However, many people get intimidated and stop searching or just settle for people they’re not happy with.

3 LGBTQ+ Love Songs We Can’t Get Enough Of

Love is an emotion that can be exemplified by certain foods, colors, and sounds. Certain factors can help you feel more in touch with your emotions, and music happens to be one of them. Listening to love songs can help you feel your emotions more strongly, and you can even connect with the lyrics on… Continue reading 3 LGBTQ+ Love Songs We Can’t Get Enough Of

3 Ways to Bond Better With Your Partner’s Friends

When you’re dating someone and meeting their friends, it can be challenging to go from being the “friend’s partner” to the “friend”. However, making this transition is crucial for your relationship and helps you become more involved in their life.

Sexuality is a Journey: Health Plan for 2021

We make plans for exercising and eating healthy all year long for improving our physical and emotional health, so why is it that we ignore our sexual health?

8 Relationship Alternatives to Romantic Monogamy

There’s monogamy, the habit of having only one mate in a legal contract such as wedding or marriage until death or divorce do you part. But romantic monogamy is losing ground in America—why, you ask? Simply because it constricts the boundaries of love.

3 Ways to Safely Connect with Someone Special on Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day can be incredibly joyous for many people, it can also bring a lot of pain to others. If you were recently let down by a loved one, you’re probably still tending to your wounds. If you were planning on spending Valentine’s Day alone, there’s still time to connect with someone special! We’ve… Continue reading 3 Ways to Safely Connect with Someone Special on Valentine’s Day

3 Tips for Trans Women Navigating the Online Dating World in 2021

As we enter 2021, it’s safe to say that online dating has burgeoned like never before. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly choosing to establish virtual connections. At a time when physically meeting someone is largely out of the question, virtual relationships have quickly taken over, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be… Continue reading 3 Tips for Trans Women Navigating the Online Dating World in 2021

3 Things to Ask in the First Month of Dating Somebody

The first month of dating someone is critical. You’re still getting to know the person you’re seeing and trying to determine whether you both should take things forward. This also means that you need to ask some serious questions that can help you with your decision.