Lesbian Struggles Only Trans Women Can Understand

A lesbian couple lying in bed with a book

Dating as a lesbian can be a full-blown hot mess of uncertainty, making it even more challenging. Does getting a coffee mean you’re being asked out, or is it just an innocent quest for a dose of caffeine? Is she interested in you as a romantic partner or just a good friend? Is she mocking LGBTQ culture, passing […]

Tips on Acing that First Dinner Date

Two people enjoying drinks on a date

Okay, so you’re ready to go on your first date — congratulations! Now you just need to go on the actual date and make sure it goes smoothly, and your date is smitten by your charm. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

4 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Being Catfished Online

A person looking at their laptop with a pensive expression.

Finding out that your online relationship was just a sea of lies is devastating. It’s much worse when the deceit is disguised as a romantic connection. It’s easy to overlook a sea of warning signs when you’re involved in a new relationship. However, if you’re looking for how to determine if you’re being catfished, you’re […]

Ice Breakers for Dating: 5Questions You Should Definitely Try

A couple smiling and clinking their glasses together.

There’s no denying that first dates are nerve-wracking. Chances are your date is just as nervous as you are. This is where being prepared with a list of icebreaker questions comes in handy. Your date will be more fun when you don’t have to waste time dragging through painful small talk and coughs to cover […]

3 Habits That Will Improve Your Romantic Relationship

A partner resting their head on their partner's shoulder.

Romance is a work in progress. No matter how strong the chemistry is between you and your partner, the sparks that once flew can start to fade out. To keep the romantic flame from burning out, you need to make consistent and constant effort. It’s not complicated, though. It just needs time and deliberation on […]

How to Navigate an Age-Gap Relationship

A couple smiling with their foreheads resting against each other.

People often raise an eyebrow when they see a couple with a prominent age gap between them. And while you shouldn’t care what shallow-minded critics say, it is always good to acknowledge the challenges that come with an unconventional relationship. Navigating a relationship where your partner is several years younger or older than you can […]

Real Talk: Dating Safety Tips for Trans Women

A couple holding hands while talking.

Safety in relationships is a topic that is discussed often, as it should be! However, for trans women, dating safety is a little different. Meeting new people can be scary, especially if you recently started your transition. Here are some safe dating tips for trans women who are looking for their perfect match: Establish and […]

Tips on Dating Someone with an Anxious Attachment Style

A couple with their faces turned away from each other.

A person with an anxious attachment style has a strong need for intimacy, is constantly thinking about their partner, and is concerned that they will never be loved in return. The fear of being abandoned or rejected is hardwired into them. If they sense even the slightest threat to the relationship, their attachment system goes into […]

How to Navigate Bisexuality If You’ve Only Been in Gay Relationships

A group of people sitting in a stairway.

Do you feel awkward in straight spaces? Not sure how to initiate a conversation with a girl since you’ve only ever dated guys? Maybe you’re just scared of the other person’s reaction when you tell them you’re bi. No matter what your fears are about different gender relationships, the following tips will help you feel […]