4 Mistakes You Need to Stop Making in Your Online Dating Profile

To attract like-minded singles, you should highlight your best qualities in your profile. Consider your dating profile a pitch, ad, or CV for you as a partner. So, if you don’t put your best foot forward, you won’t get responses from compatible individuals. In fact, a few wrong moves, and you might be turning people away without even knowing it!

Not sure if your online dating profile is up for the challenge? Here’s what not to do when creating your profile:

Not posting a picture of your face

Have you ever found what looks like the perfect recipe, but once you click the link, you had to read a long blog before getting to the actual ingredient list? Feels like a waste of time, doesn’t it? This is exactly how people feel when they can’t find your picture on your profile or if it isn’t the first thing there. People on the internet, especially on dating sites, have short attention spans. The first picture you post should always be of your face since that’s what people are most curious about.

You have too many group photos on your profile

The harsh reality is that people are curious about their date’s appearance as it affects their expectations. When you post only photos with your pals, you risk being judged in the context of the complete crew. Again, since people have such a short attention span, they probably won’t be checking you out in every photo. And you don’t want them catching feelings for someone in your friend group instead of you. Yikes.

A couple holding hands on a date.

Being in a hurry to link up

Don’t rush into something romantic. Online dating’s greatest nightmare is when you get too attached to something too quickly. You eventually start expecting too much, and then you’re bound to be let down. Even if the circumstances are ideal, if you put too much stock in the relationship or have too high expectations of it, you’re only setting yourself up for heartbreak.

Ignoring online dating safety precautions

Time for us to take on the role of parent here for a second. You need to watch out for your own safety if you’re going to try internet dating. Don’t give out your home address, place of employment, or other personal information.

You should be cautious about disclosing this information to random singles you meet and reserve it for those you’re interested in getting to know better. However, unless you’ve been on a few dates and are confident in their trustworthiness, you’re generally not going to provide personal details like where you work or reside.

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