3 Pieces of Relationship Advice Trans Women Want You to Know

When it comes to dating, transgender women have a particular set of problems that cisgender women don’t have to contend with. Sexualization, prejudice, harassment, and even fatal violence are not uncommon in our society.

Considering transgender people are 4 times more likely to experience domestic violence than cisgender people, dating can be a daunting experience. Transgender people encounter a slew of additional challenges when attempting to find a partner. And explaining themselves every time a new person comes along is both demeaning and exhausting.

This is why we decided to compile everything trans women want their future dates to know in one place:

Stop with the back-handed compliments

Trans women are well-versed in the art of the back-handed compliment. They’re no stranger to the “You have such feminine features, I can hardly tell!”. Comments like these only tell the woman in question that their reality is a performance. A disguise of deceit that you spotted. The truth is, this is just a false notion that you need to unlearn immediately.

Remember: Google is your best friend

Treating your date like a dictionary will have them scrambling through their bag for their keys and their eyes darting to the nearest way out. Make sure you understand what it means to be transgender before going on a date with a trans woman. Otherwise, both of you will be disappointed, and one of you will be deeply offended.


A person watching their laptop with frustration


Instead of relying on a person, try a Google search, a textbook, or even a real-world class. Don’t be scared to use the many resources available to learn. Educating yourself should be your responsibility and something you do before you start dating a trans woman.

They didn’t transition to appease straight men

This is a bad fallacy that is unfortunately repeated much too often. Women who identify as transgender don’t do it in the hopes of enticing straight guys into bed. Television and cinema have made a big deal out of this repulsive example of apathy.

Let’s not forget that trans lesbians exist, too.  It’s unlikely that trans women would alter their sexual orientation post-transition. Women will undoubtedly continue to pique the interest of trans lesbians.

In fact, a study by the National LGBTQ Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality estimated that 77% trans women identified as being not straight. This only goes to show that trans women’s trans and queer identities overlap far too often.

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