3 LGBTQ+ Love Songs We Can’t Get Enough Of

Love is an emotion that can be exemplified by certain foods, colors, and sounds. Certain factors can help you feel more in touch with your emotions, and music happens to be one of them. Listening to love songs can help you feel your emotions more strongly, and you can even connect with the lyrics on a deeper level.


Falling in love can be a beautiful feeling, and it has no language, religion, or gender! Here are some love songs created for or written by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston


Dancing with your friends to this song at a gay club is an essential LGBTQ+ experience! Whitney Houston’s famous melody has become a queer anthem that resonates with millions of people worldwide.


The singer was always under controversy for her drug-related problems, but also her sexuality. In her latest documentary, many friends and family members described Whitney Houston’s sexuality as ‘fluid’, a reality she couldn’t live freely in her lifetime. However, her love and spirit live on in her music, where she sings about dancing and enjoying life with, not a man, but ‘somebody’ who loves her.

Feelings – Hayley Kiyoko


Nicknamed the ‘Lesbian Jesus’, Hayley Kiyoko has been spearheading the queer music scene for quite some time. While many artists sing gender-neutral music to appeal to a wider audience, Hayley doesn’t shy away from creating music videos or songs that are very pro-LGBTQ+.


While her most widely loved release to date is Girls Like Girls, her song Feelings is just as enchanting to listen to. The song expands on the idea of not being ashamed of feeling strong emotions, embracing love, and just being yourself. A perfect melody for anyone who has been made to suppress the love they feel!

I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince


While the jury’s still out (and probably will remain out) on Prince’s sexuality, it’s no secret that he pioneered androgynous fashion and branding in mainstream media. The singer always remained sexually ambiguous and never fell prey to any labels.


As mysterious as his persona was, he let his audience connect to him deeply through his music. I Wanna Be Your Lover is a song about needing a person and making them feel all the pleasure you can. It’s definitely more on the sensual side, but there’s never any harm in mixing lust with love!


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