About Trangend

Love is not love that alteration finds. . .

TranGend is a safe, inclusive, and multi-faceted dating site welcoming people of all genders: trans women and men, non binary and cisgender individuals. From transversal to transsexual, LGBT to GLBT, no matter your sexual orientation and gender, our dating site is buzzing with potential matches for you based on your preferences, personality, and traits.

You can meet and converse with people of all sorts, deciding in your own time whether or not you want to take the relationship up a notch. It’s a completely safe platform regulated by strict invigilators who make a point of keeping out the bullies, the harassers, and the ridiculers. We work towards the creation of a conducive, productive environment that thrives on mutual affection, heterogeneity, and many-thronged gender relations all under one umbrella. Love knows no boundaries between genders and sexes.

We encourage this age-old sentiment to thrive and survive between people of all sorts through our sophisticated and result-oriented dating website and app. Say au revoir to the traditional, bilateral, one-sided dating websites and techniques—there’s a new haven in town, and it is abuzz with great people from all communities, waiting to be matched.

We proceed with openness and inclusiveness, welcoming all who dare think different and who dare explore the depths of their own gendered identities. The world is changing, and so is the model of dating. Browse profiles, get matched, and hang out with potential partners—who knows? You might end up finding your significant other sitting on the other side of this city! Many of our former users have successfully tied the knot and are not living the good life with the loves of their life.

Single and looking for a companionable partner? We have just the range of companions, sexual partners, friends, and roommates for you. If you feel left out from the rest of the world and feel excluded by the traditional dating world, you have come to the right place. We don’t just get you matched against potential partners—we make you feel like you belong. We make you feel welcome.

Our aim is to provide premium dating advice and service to make you feel loved and part of a community. And we’re not just for transgender individuals—all are welcome to join hands in this community.

Ensuring privacy and safety is one of the priorities at TranGend, and we take the matter of respect very highly. We have strict rules and regulations for people of all genders that outline how members are supposed to behave—bypassing which they are straightaway banished from the community.

Our conditions include:

  • Respecting people’s right to identify themselves as they please, and to address them properly
  • People who indulge in ridiculing, trolling, bullying, etc. face an immediate ban
  • Personal questions liable to cause discomfort are not allowed
  • Acceptance is a fundamental requisite
  • We expect our members to have educated themselves on the different communities represented here
  • Difference is celebrated

Potential matches are worked out by the algorithm we use. We also allow users to read blogs, articles, news pieces, and more.

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