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Our safe and inclusive free dating site for serious relationships allows you to meet people just like you, on the lookout for a potential partner, friend, roommate, or significant other.

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Online dating sites have grown in number in recent years, but there’s yet to find a dating platform that caters specifically to trans women and helps them find true love online. While there are plenty of popular online dating websites currently available that trans women continue to use, they don’t necessarily help nourish serious trans relationships. Most trans women turn to these because of the lack of safe and serious online dating platforms that can help them find their perfect match and pursue serious relationships.

TranGend is here to change that. As the ultimate transgender dating website, it not only facilitates serious romantic relationships, but also helps trans women make female friends online.

Do you feel like you’re being left out of mainstream dating circles because of your gen-dared identity? Fear no more, for Transcend is designed specifically to cater to marginalized communities. We vow to protect your safety and privacy, allowing you maximum freedom to make female or male friends or find your true love online! Search for a potential partner without fear of ridicule or harassment on our dating site for singles.

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